I was born in 1982 in Iran during the First Gulf War. My parents, my brother, and I emigrated to Germany in 1986 on the invitation of the UN, but our original goal would have been Sweden.


In Bochum we ran out of money and my parents got jobs there, looked for a language courses and rented a flat in the notorious Sonnenleite area. I started at nursery but spoke no German, then went to primary school in Neggenborn. 

 and then it happened_Maielin_van_Eilum3


My schoolteacher was called Wolfgang Noll, and he was a professional billiards player, had two daughters and died in is late 30s of a heart attack - may he rest in peace.


After primary school I was sent to the Lessing Gymnasium in the Landgendreer area of Bochum against my wishes, whereas I would much rather have preferred to just go to the comprehensive school in Werne or Waldorf. At some time or another during puberty I began to smoke weed and paint, and my grades naturally got worse and worse. 


I painted in secret, because it wasn't cool enough for my would-be gangster friends. I didn't even turn up for my Abitur exams. I went to Amsterdam instead, where I had applied to and was accepted into the art academy. 



I was back in time for grad ball, because you really have to enjoy the parties. In Amsterdam I studied graphic design and I was kicked out for disciplinary reasons. 



'd fallen out with the department chair of fine arts.



Then there was only audiovisual art left, where I mainly focused on videos, performance, and music. 



After that I did my masters at the Sandberg Institute and then at some point I decided I wanted to live in Germany again.

I've had a talkshow in my life.

I was booed off the stage of the Quatsch Comedy Club.


I stormed a live TV show in Holland. And I sang football songs on breakfast TV. I appeared in the pilot episode for a sitcom on an Iranian channel. All just to find out that comedy is just not my thing. So I'm back painting again.

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